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Birmingham Car Detailing Services

Our Birmingham Car Detail Services are the best in the area. We deliver top notch services at prices you’ll find competitive anywhere in the state. We’ve built our business on the motto of treating every returning customer just as we would a new one. So whether you’re coming back for yet another quality job or have just discovered us, you can count on us to always treat your vehicle as we would one of our own, and give you the best car detailing experience possible.

Best Car Detailing in Birmingham
Best Birmingham Car Detailing Services


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Interior Car Cleaning Services Birmingham AL

Birmingham Car Detailing Services

Auto detailing Birmingham

Best Car Detailing

Birmingham AL is known as Alabama’s most exciting city, with a rich history and culture, and we’re still excited to be a part of our growing community. Our full range auto car wash and detailing services include exterior detailing, car interior cleaning, engine bay detailing and washing, and even mobile car wash and auto spa. Whether you’re looking to get top dollar for your vehicle, trade it in looking great, or simply maintain it’s like new condition for years to come, you can count on us.

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Mobile Care Washing Birmingham

Mobile Car Washing & Auto Spa

People are busy! Today more than ever. If dropping off your car at the detail place or waiting while it’s cleaned isn’t an option, then consider our mobile detailing service. You still receive a full wash and detail, whether you choose exterior only, interior only, or complete deluxe. It can be done while you’re at work, having lunch, shopping, or at home relaxing. We offer the best at home car washing services in Birmingham!

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Exterior detailing Birmingham

Exterior Detailing

We maintain a rigorous exterior auto detailing routine to ensure each and every vehicle that comes to us is treated with the same level of quality care and thoroughness.

  • Thorough hand washing and hand drying.
  • Removal of insects & bugs, road tar, sap, leaves.
  • Cleaning & treating of tires, wheels, wheel wells
  • Cleaning of all door jams and windows
  • Washing and Polishing of exhaust tips
  • Polishing all chrome, especially chrome bumpers
  • Wax Rinse and Buffing
  • And much more.
Interior Detailing Birmingham al

Car Interior Detailing

The insides of our cars can get dirty too, so we have an intensive inspection and detailing list for all vehicle interiors. Per request & package, we thoroughly:
  • Shampoo all carpet and upholstery
  • Use hot water extraction on carpet, upholstery, mats
  • Use brushes, compressed air, and cleaners to clean all surfaces and crevices that collect dirt.
  • This includes all instruments, gauges, panels…
  • Cup holders, knobs, dials & switches, vents…
  • Windows, moonroof or sunroof, seat belts, console,
  • And much more…

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Engine detailing services Birmingham

Auto Engine Cleaning Services

The more you drive the more grease, grime, and dirt collect in your engine. If any minor fluid leaks develop, it will be hard for a mechanic to spot it before it becomes a serious concern. Our engine detailing service includes a thorough three step process:

  1. Cleaning – thorough clean up to allow for step 2
  2. Degreasing – removing excess grime and oil
  3. Protecting – coating components with protectant

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The Easiest Way to Maintain or Raise Car Value

For most Americans, their car is one of the biggest investments they make, second only to their home.

There are many reasons to protect your vehicle from the multitude of things out there that cause wear and tear. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the car until you inevitably trade it in for a more modern model. You can found your dream car and intend to hold onto it long-term, or if you think you might eventually sell it yourself, if you want to get the best value out of it.

It’s imperative that it stay as close to new condition as possible. In other words, it needs to run like new and look new. But, as everyone knows, regardless of how well it runs, if it looks old nobody will give it a chance.

So whether you’re trading in or selling, you’ll get significantly more for your vehicle if it looks like it just rolled out of the dealership, even if there are a few things that need fixing under the hood. There’s no mystery to car maintenance. Get it washed, detailed, and waxed and maintain it! This assures that whenever or if ever you’re ready to part with it, you get top dollar for it.

Here are some of the (avoidable) things that will naturally decrease your vehicle’s value over time:

mobile car detailing business

Contrary to the expression, “God made the dirt so the dirt won’t hurt,” the dirt actually can hurt, and it does, and it hurts a lot. When dirt builds up on the surface of your car, it can act like sandpaper, as dirt is full of tiny sandy particles, which will rub against your car’s surface. Over time this can gradually wear down and damage your car’s paint. Left alone, it can even etch the paint clean off your car.

Remember, as you drive your car has a lot of air resistance created as it pushes through the air in front of it. The faster you go, the more the air resistance is. If you’re driving with a lot of dirt on your car, that air that’s pressing against your car as you push through it will rub the grainy particles of the dirt into your car’s surface. Keep this in mind before you take a long trip with a dirty car, as even just a few hours on the interstate with a dirty exterior can cause damage.

Full service car wash Birmingham AL

2. Excessive Sun and Heat. 
Excessive sun and heat exposure can fade and crack your car’s paint. According to State Farm Vehicle Research Facility, exterior vehicle temperatures have been recorded as high as 
195°F. Yikes. Depending on where you live, avoiding the sun isn’t exactly an option, and finding parking in the shade can be quite difficult at times. And it doesn’t matter where you go, you’ll never escape the heat in the summer.

This just goes to prove to us how important keeping your car’s exterior clean is. Even a little bit of paint and surface damage caused by giving dirt and grime too much time–no rhyme intended–can be compounded quickly by natural conditions like heat and sun exposure outside your control. Note, the best way to protect that paint long-term is to have your car washed, detailed, and waxed professionally at intervals, and then keep it clean between those major touch ups. 

Car cleaning services Birmingham AL

3. Sap, Bugs & Insects, and BIRDS. 
Nobody has to tell you what “fowl” things birds can do to cars… I’m convinced they do it on purpose too, but that’s neither here nor there. What’s important for you to be aware of is that whether it’s sap from parking under a tree, bugs and insects left stuck to your car’s surface after a drive. Furthermore the strangely targeted gifts from birds that have the entire sky to fly in and yet somehow find a way to target your specific vehicle. 

Those substances are acidic and can absolutely do damage to your vehicle’s exterior if left alone for too long. In addition to making your vehicle look like nobody loves it and quite frankly, nobody could. Outside of avoiding parking beneath trees, there’s not a lot you can do to avoid these ever present threats to your vehicle’s value, so the best course of action is to simply have it washed every once in a while. 

Car polishing services birmingham al

4. Engine Grime, Grease, and Dirt. 
The more you drive, the faster grease and grime will accumulate in your vehicle’s engine bay. Contrary to what some might argue, this grease and grime will not significantly harm your vehicles performance. But it will absolutely lower its value in the eyes of a dealer for a trade-in or a prospective buyer for a nice sale.

People have come to expect to see a clean engine when they’re looking to buy a car, and you could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table by ignoring this key part of the deal. Plus, while there might not be any performance enhancements from a thorough cleaning every year or so, it can help your mechanic detect any fluid leaks before they become big ones and require an expensive repair.

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