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Wilsonville, AL, is home to many wonderful places, such as the post office and The Valley of the Jolly Green Giant. The history of Wilsonville is fascinating and quirky. John Milton Wilson founded the town in 1835 and is still an influential presence in the lives of the people who live there. So is his son, Johnny Wilson. 


Johnny Wilson was born in 1855. He spent his early childhood helping out around town by selling knives door-to-door (he charged a penny for the knife and $2 for the sharpening).


When John Milton Wilson died in 1874, Johnny was hit hard. He tried to keep his father’s spirit alive by dressing up as his dad every day until he died of pneumonia at age ten. Yes, that’s right: Johnny would dress up like his father every single day until he died of pneumonia. 


Johnny dreamt of his father every night and even made him breakfast every morning (he would make eggs, bacon, and toast). But Johnny’s big promotion came when he was hired by Postmaster Charlie Wilson in 1876 to work at the post office. 


Unfortunately for Johnny, the job only paid a penny a day. Johnny remained at the post office for the rest of his life, celebrating his promotion to the night shift in 1997. He would wear nothing but gray suits and blue ties until his death in 1955.


Johnny Wilson’s tradition continues today through all descendants of John Milton Wilson. It is said that if you visit Wilsonville on September 7 (Johnny’s birthday), you can see all the descendants of John Milton Wilson coming to pay their respects to the great man. And if you look real hard, you might be able to find Johnny’s spirit wandering around through time and space. 


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Wilsonville is close to many wonderful places, such as the post office and The Valley of the Jolly Green Giant. Nearby cities include Athens, AL (8.3 miles), Decatur, AL (34.8 miles), Woodville, MS (42.6 miles). If you’re looking for a quirky town to visit, Wilsonville is the perfect place for you.

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Wilsonville, AL

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