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Warrior, AL, is the quintessential stereotype of the Deep South. The town itself is no more than a half-mile long and has no real grocery stores or gas stations. With almost double the amount of churches than residents, it’s also one of the most religious towns in Alabama.


When driving through Warrior you can stop by Moe Joe’s for ice cream, and easily pass several homes with the rooftop adorned with a Confederate flag.


Most residents claim to be either Southern Baptists or Church of Christ, and almost everyone is a member of one of the two local churches. In fact, if you’re not a resident yourself, many passersby will wonder what you’re doing in their little town. Even though the town is small, most of its residents come from families that have lived in Warrior for generations.


Most of the things to discuss Warrior, AL, are related to what’s around the town.  Just a few miles away is the “best-kept secret” in Alabama. Some call it the miracle mile while others claim it’s one of the seven wonders of Alabama. No matter what you call it, Oak Mountain State Park has more climbing and hiking trails than almost every other park in the state.


Whether your passion is camping, fishing, or just relaxing, Oak Mountain State Park has something for everyone. Just a little more than 20 miles away is Birmingham, AL. With almost 220,000 people living in the city proper, it’s the largest municipality within the state. If you are looking to shop at one of the largest malls in America or explore one of Alabama’s most historic sites then stop by the Birmingham area. One of the pros of living in a place like Warrior is that you can easily go to the city to enjoy activities like dining at one of the many restaurants in town, but you don’t have to deal with most of the hassles of living in a big city. 


Nearby activities include:

Oak Mountain State Park


Oak Mountain State Park is an amazing place to enjoy nature. With over 3,500 acres of land and more than 27 miles of trails there’s room for any activity you can imagine.



Fishing in the Warrior area is as good as any place in the state. With several ponds and creeks, there’s almost always a place to go.



Hunting in this area is great. Whether it’s hunting for quail or deer, there are plenty of places to go as well.


Overall, Warrior, Alabama, is a great place to live. With its laidback atmosphere and the fact that it’s only 20 minutes away from one of the largest cities in Alabama, the Warrior area is a place you might want to consider.

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