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Sumiton, AL, has an interesting history. This small town is located about halfway between Birmingham and Decatur. It has one of the most famous high school football teams in the state, Sumiton Christian Academy (SCA). The rival team, Clay-Chalkville High School (CCHS) is also very well known. 


Some people claim that Sumiton, AL is an amazing place to live. Most of the time the weather is mild and great for outdoor activities like baseball, football or simply taking a walk. The night sky is also extremely clear on most days due to Sumiton’s low light pollution levels. Activities include shopping at the local grocery store, sluffing work to go drinking downtown, as well as going out to eat. 


Sumiton, AL has many beautiful churches and is home to many great people. It is the perfect place for families because it has a safe community, good schools and so much more. 


Sumiton is close to many other cities, including Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. It is also conveniently close to the airport in Decatur. 


Sumiton, AL has a strong sense of community that you cannot find in any other city. That is why it is well-liked by so many people.  Sumiton is also the home of Sumiton Christian Academy (SCA), “Alabama’s largest private high school.” The Sumiton Christian Academy football team has won many State Championships in the past. In the fall of 2016, they went undefeated and won their fifth state championship under coach Mark Freeman. Football is a big deal in Sumiton, AL. The community really comes together for games and there is a lot of spirits. There are pep rallies before home games and people wear their different colors depending on what team they cheer for. 


Local attractions in Sumiton, AL, include Roup’s Mountain, “one of the most prominent natural landmarks in Jefferson County.” Another one is The Natatorium, “an indoor, saltwater swimming pool in the heart of downtown Sumiton.” There are also many small towns around Sumiton including New Liberty. Other local attractions include the Collin’s Chapel School and Sumiton Quarries. Collin’s Chapel School is a private school located in Sumiton, Alabama. The school’s main focus is on biblical instruction and vocational training. Another famous landmark is the Sumiton Quarries. They are known for producing “Alabama’s finest split face block.” Sumiton Quarries are a great place to go for a day of shopping and fun. 

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Sumiton, AL

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