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Pinson, AL, is a town in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is a growing city with a population of 2,927 people according to the 2010 Census. One of the reasons why Pinson is so popular among people who commute to Birmingham for work is because of their self-titled “Pinson Mounds.” People have been traveling from across the Southeast to visit these Native American mounds since their rediscovery.

Places Near Pinson

Among the many places near Pinson, there are restaurants such as Mary’s Family Restaurant and lounge/bar like Loco Tavern. Also near Pinson is an Animal Hospital. There are several park locations near Pinson such as Heritage Park and Indian Park. Other areas near this town include Liberty Park and Jeff State Community College. Nearby schools are Pinson Elementary School, Pinson Middle School, and Mortimer Jordan High School.

Also near Pinson is a place called the Pinson Valley Fair Grounds. The fairgrounds hold festivals and events throughout the year including a Bluegrass Festival, 4-H Dog Show, and Annual Pumpkin Fest. Additionally, this area is known for many recreational activities like fishing, camping, boating, four-wheeling, etc.

The most notable of all these activities is the “Pinson Mounds.” The mounds are Native American burial, ceremonial, and domiciliary mounds. There are twelve of these mounds located on both privately and state-owned land throughout Pinson Valley. People drive from all over the Southeast to travel deep into the forest to visit the untouched location of the mounds.

The history of Pinson is just as vibrant as the present day. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Pinson was settled around 1818 by several settlers that passed through this region on their way to Tennessee. Most residents were self-sufficient farmers and hunters.

The Great Depression left many families struggling with poverty. Local businesses suffered tremendously during this time, but there were still acts of generosity among community members. For example, one local woman donated several bushels of peas to the American Legion so they could prepare a Christmas dinner for all those in need.

During World War II, Pinson was home to several camps and training facilities used by the U.S. Army Air Corps (USAAC). These camps were primarily used for the training of men who would later serve in the Air Force. One of these facilities was known as Wilson Army Air Field (WAAF), a primary flight training base in Bessemer, Alabama that operated from March 1944 to November 1945.

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Pinson, AL

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