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Mount Olive, AL, is a small town in northern Alabama. The population is about 1,500 people and has a land area of 2.2 square miles [U.S. Census Bureau, 2010-2012). Because it is so small, Mount Olive does not have much in terms of attractions, but the city’s unique history makes up for this fact.


The history of Mount Olive dates back to the early 1800s. The city was first settled in 1819 by a man and his family and was originally known as “Dublin.” Soon after its establishment, Dublin became an important stop along the stagecoach route Florida-Tennessee. In 1821, however, it experienced a lot of damage when a tornado hit the city. As a result, in order to rebuild, many citizens moved away.


However, since the United States’ victory over Spain in 1898, Mount Olive’s population has increased rapidly due to its proximity to Spanish Fort (less than 10 miles away). With this recent rush of new residents, the city experienced an increase in a local businesses. Today, Mount Olive’s economy is driven by its ability to attract retirees and tourists.


Local Attractions Mount Olive, AL:

Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge


The Cahaba River National Wildlife Refuge is in the northern part of Mount Olive, just south of Alabama State Route 119. This refuge is dedicated to protecting the natural habitat of many animals in the area, including turkeys and white-tailed deer. Additionally, one can see beavers, bobcats, rabbits, raccoons, and black bears 


Mount Olive Public Library


The Mount Olive Public Library is another local attraction. It is part of the West Alabama Regional Library System and is home to over 55,000 items available to the public. These items include books, DVDs, CDs, magazines, and various videos 


Mount Olive Cemetery


The Mount Olive Cemetery is located in downtown Mount Olive along Main Street. This cemetery was originally founded as a family cemetery for the White family in 1821 but was soon expanded by many other families. This cemetery is actually still in use today.


Poe House


The Poe House is a historical landmark and is currently a private residence. According to the Alabama Historical Commission, many people believe that Edgar Allen Poe may have visited this home when he was in Tuscaloosa for a few months in 1849.


The Woodlands at Sweet Water


The Woodlands at Sweet Water is one of the newest historical attractions in Mount Olive. This plantation home has been transformed into a private estate and has become one of Alabama’s most beautiful historic homes to enjoy for many types of events. The Woodlands also has several outbuildings available for rental including a smokehouse, cotton house, and two-story barn.


Overall,  Mount Olive, AL has a lot of history and is the perfect place to visit for those who love nature.

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Mount Olive, AL

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