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Margaret, AL, is a small community located in Alabama. The population is about 867 people, and the elevation of the land location is roughly 44 feet above sea level. Margaret has a total area of 1.7 square miles and it’s zip code is 36532.

Presently, there are no available job market statistics for this town as it does not have a post office or an actual town name.

In the past, Margaret was a fairly large town until people started moving away from there due to uncertain economic conditions. It is now a small community with only a few homes and one radio tower for its current population.

Margaret has been around since at least 1866 as it’s first post office opened then. The town was originally called “Hardscrabble”, but it was later changed to Margaret on the suggestion of a postal official that lived there named Mr. Jesse R. Grant, whose wife’s name was Margaret.

The closest major city is Tuscaloosa, AL which is about 32 miles away from where Margaret, AL is currently located.

The entire area which Margaret is now is made up of hills and creeks, with some streams running through them as well. The area it sits on is hilly but the land has never been farmed. Some crops are grown there now, however.

Most of what people do for food in the town is garden or hunt. Some people keep animals for their meat, others go to the store and buy it. The locals do not have grocery stores in close vicinity unless they travel to Tuscaloosa or another town; there is no gas station either, so people who need gasoline must make the trip as well.

Things to Do Near Margaret,
There are a few small streams that sit nearby, and people often go there to fish or swim. There is also a pond in the area, which locals use for fishing purposes. Hunting for sport and food is also very popular around Margaret.

Culture of Margaret, AL

Margaret has a high culture of hunting and fishing. Some people know how to raise their own crops for food, while others go to the store. “Swimmin hole” is a popular term used by locals to refer to the small streams that are around Margaret.

Margaret has no school system in town, so children who live there must enroll in Tuscaloosa County schools if they want to receive an education.

For entertainment, people often will fish or swim at the closest stream. Sometimes they do this for fun, but other times it is to catch fish or other food sources. Hunting for sport and food is also fairly popular there as well.

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Margaret, AL

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