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The history of Lake View, Alabama, is a reflection of the history of its African American community that has been in existence since 1865. The town itself was founded by white settlers and incorporated in 1887, but it is what happened outside its official borders that is notable. After the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, freedmen migrated to Lake View and settled on land they had used for growing crops and raising livestock before the Civil War. The freedmen began farming in an organized way along with other agricultural activities, creating a self-sufficient community that was based on the labor of their own hands. They built houses and churches for worship, schools to educate their children, and businesses to generate income. These efforts were also fueled by support from local white authorities. The establishment of Lake View came to an abrupt end with the violent expulsion of its inhabitants in 1909.

A group of white citizens, who now live in the town, are determined to tell this untold story. They hope their efforts will help secure a historical marker for what happened at the site before it is lost to history.

Many older residents in the area can tell stories about what happened at Lake View and where it was. However, few written records exist and no official markers commemorate the site. The current residents of Lake View say its history has been largely forgotten or ignored, but they believe it’s an important story to pass on for future generations.

Things to do near Lake View

There are a few interesting places to go that are located pretty close to Lake View. You can go to the historic downtown area of Selma, which is about 15 miles away from Lake View. There you will find a number of interesting things to see and do, including visiting Old Live Oak Cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried along with a number of other historical figures from the Civil War.

Other nearby areas include Lowndesboro, about 20 miles away, which is the birthplace of civil rights activist Rosa Parks. The town of Montgomery, home of Maxwell AFB and the Alabama State Capitol, is about 45 miles from Lake View.

Places Near Lake View

There are a number of places that are fairly close to Lake View. Many people come here when they are in the area to see these two important sites.

About 45 miles is the state capitol in Montgomery, which is open for tours. Maxwell AFB, about 12 miles from Lake View, is a base for the Air Force.

Nearby towns to Lake View include Sylacauga and Selma. In Sylacauga, you can visit The Watercress Capital of the World which hosts an annual festival every year as well as other special events throughout the year. You will also find the largest marble quarry in the US there. Selma has a historic downtown area with many interesting things to see and do. There is also a historic cemetery where Jefferson Davis is buried, which makes for an interesting day trip since you can visit his grave along with other historical figures from the Civil War.

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