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Gardendale, AL, is a city in Jefferson County, Alabama. It is a fast-growing community that has recently decided to split from the county’s school system, forming its own system. The Gardendale Board of Education voted unanimously on June 10 2014 to break off from the Jefferson County School System and form their own independent school district. The move comes as part of the ongoing desegregation case, Stout vs. Jefferson County Board of Education.


The city of Gardendale was originally developed in the 1950s as an area separate from Birmingham that people could live in and commute to work in Birmingham or at local steelworks. As time went on more opportunities arose for job placement in the area, including a large aluminum plant. The need for schools arose as well, and Gardendale High School opened in 1975 to provide for the community.

Major attractions near Gardendale include:


-Riley Park (Gardendale AL) 


-Gardendale Splash Pad at Riley Park (Open Memorial Day through Labor Day; located in Gardendale, Alabama)


-Longleaf Trace Trail/Hiking and Biking (the trail goes through Dodona Manor subdivision, which is in the city limits of Gardendale)


-Gardendale First United Methodist Church (Corner of 4th Ave. and 2nd St.)


-Ensley Branch Library (1216 18th Street Ensley, Birmingham 35218)


-Birmingham Zoo – Zootastic Park at Brahamwood (55 miles from Gardendale)


-Alabama Adventure Amusement Park (approx. 45 miles from Gardendale)


The History of Gardendale


The city of Gardendale’s history began in the 1950s when a group of farmers from Indiana was offered land for sale.  They saw the potential in the property and purchased it.


This farm grew to become what is now known as “Southern Star”.  In 1968 a new subdivision was constructed with a man-made lake, tennis courts, and other amenities.  Spencer Stout moved into the area with his wife and three children at that time.


The first school in Gardendale was built in 1975 on Hwy 31 (the road that runs through the center of town).  At this time there were only 700 students attending Gardendale Elementary School, Ensley Middle School, and Gardendale High School.


Spencer Stout was one of the original school board members that built the first schools in Gardendale. He also served as president of the school board for 16 years.


Cities near Gardendale

Some cities near Gardendale include Birmingham, AL; Fultondale, AL; Tarrant, AL; Neely Henry Lake (20 miles from downtown Birmingham), and Hoover (30 miles from Gardendale).

The City of Gardendale is serviced by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Gardendale Police Department. 

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Gardendale, AL

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