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Fairfield, AL, is a city with a population of 15,000. It is a quiet town, usually serene and calm. But don’t let this fool you. When you live in a small rural community, craziness has a tendency to find its way into every facet of life there.  The craziness of Fairfield can be often found in the antics at both high school and bordering town.


The history of Fairfield is a long one. It began in 1798 when settlers arrived to the area. For 40 years the land was mostly undisturbed until there was an increase in population due to its proximity to Montgomery, AL. By this time, Fairfield had grown into what were roughly 31 square miles of land with no incorporated areas and about 450 citizens.  Throughout the next 40 years, Fairfield experienced even more growth when the nearby town of Harrisburg was made part of Fairfield’s land. The addition near another growing city in West Jefferson, AL led to even more residents and businesses.


After this period, there were no major events that happened until racial tensions surfaced in the town in 1960.  After the integration of Schools in Alabama, black students were bussed to Fairfield City School. They had only met at the school for two years before an activist group took interest in integrating other public areas including parks and recreational spaces. It was this event that led to the boycotting of the city schools by white families who moved their children to private schools. This, however, led to financial problems for the private schools as they were not receiving any funding from the state and had to close down.


Over the next decade, Fairfield experienced a boom in businesses and people. Many jobs were created at a nearby plywood mill which employed over 200 workers at its peak. The city never saw another increase in population again for the remainder of its existence.


This pattern continued well into the 2000s where growth was once again experienced as more businesses were created and people moved in to take advantage of low taxes and low-cost housing. Over the last ten years, Fairfield has still maintained a stable population but has seen an increase in crime rates, especially violent crimes.


Local Attractions in Fairfield


The local high school, Ferguson High, is known for its excellence in both academics and athletics. The girls’ softball team won the state championship in 2013 and 2015 while the boys’ basketball team brought home a title in 2014.


The city’s main park serves as a popular place for local families to visit on weekends and also features one of the city’s few playgrounds. 


Fairfield is also close to two major attractions that are just 20 minutes away. These include both Oak Mountain State Park and Tannehill State Park. Both parks offer excellent camping, hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, hunting, kayaking/canoeing for people of all ages. 


Overall, Fairfield Alabama is an average small town with an interesting history. Most who live here are content with the quietness of the small community but others long for more excitement. It is this dichotomy that causes Fairfield to be both unique and common at the same time.

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Fairfield, AL

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