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Center Point, AL, has an interesting history. It was founded in 1876 and named for the fact that it is almost exactly halfway between Birmingham and Montgomery. It was originally a small community but would transform into an industrial city after the construction of nearby steel mills.


The Bell Witch of Center Point


Even with this history, Center Point is best known for its legend of the Bell Witch. The Bell Witch began appearing to John Bell in 1817 and would harass him until his death in 1820. According to recorded accounts by witnesses, the witch was able to communicate through audible words, knocking sounds, animal noises, and disembodied voices. She would visit homes in the area, knocking on walls and windows. She was known to hurl rocks at those who got too close to her home, which was said to be near a local cemetery.


The original Bell family land was later turned into a schoolhouse for Center Point Elementary. The school reportedly closed after children began reporting encountering the witch’s ghost.


The Bell Witch has become popularized through folklore and mass media. This story has been made into a play, written about in books, and published on the Internet. It is commonly believed that the witch was a demon tormenting John Bell for being too greedy with family money, but what do you think?


Center Point Schools


Center Point is also known for its schools. Center Point Elementary was established in 1882 and eventually became a K-8 school. It was turned into a 6-8 school in 1971, which closed due to low enrollment levels in 2013.


The following year, the building reopened as City View Early Learning Center, an open enrollment PreK-5 charter school. City View is part of the Jefferson County School System, which means it receives less funding than the majority of schools in Alabama.


Steel Mills


Center Point is also known for its steel mills. The Nucor Corporation operates a steel mill in Center Point that provides 750 jobs to the local economy.


The main interstate running through town, I-459, was built from 1983 – 1985 and connected Birmingham to areas west of Center Point such as Hoover and Homewood. This area is home to the Colonial Promenade, a large shopping center that has anchored Center Point’s economy since its opening in 2000.


The city is home to an annual hot air balloon festival named “Hot Times.” The event draws crowds from all over Birmingham and adjacent cities. It was started by the city government in 1982 but now is put on by the Center Point Business Association.


As of 2010, the population of Center Point was 30,352. The racial demographic was 78% African American and 19% White. There were 12,461 households in the city with an average household size of 2.72 people.


Overall, Center Point has a history that is shrouded in mystery. The city is famous for its legend of the Bell Witch and is rich in modern history, including being part of Birmingham’s industrialized west side. It continues to grow in population and prosper in the present day.

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