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Argo, AL, is a town of around 2,000 people not far from Birmingham. While many residents are moving to larger cities in the area, Argo is still home to a few prominent citizens. Despite its small size, Argo has recently seen an increase in crime rate, with multiple kidnappings and murders taking place over the last few months. There have also been reports of strange sounds and lights in the nearby forest and surrounding countryside. Considering the close proximity to Birmingham, it is no surprise that many people have directed their attention towards Black Warrior Park.


Black Warrior Park is a  nature reserve south of Argo that consists largely of forests and waterways.  There are plenty of hiking trails through the woods that do not require a permit. The park is very popular with the locals, and it has been said to be packed on weekends and holidays. However, as of late, there have been sightings of activity much more strange than just nature lovers and hikers walking around.


In the last few months, people have seen bright lights in the forest at night on multiple occasions. There are even reports of some seeing UFOs on occasion. While it would be easy to dismiss this as nothing more than campers or teenagers looking for something to do on their Friday nights, there are reports of physical evidence that support these claims.


Besides the local mysteries, Argo is near a lot of historic landmarks, such as the historic sites in Tannehill State Park. Additionally, there have been over 20 different reports of Bigfoot sightings near Argo since January.  These reports have come in from all around the area, including people living in nearby small towns. Many of the sightings were within 100 miles of Black Warrior Park.


Considering that it is 120 miles away from Mount Cheaha, home to one of Alabama’s most famous legends, it would be easy to tag this location as just another hotspot for Bigfoot.


Argo’s education system has been home to a few notable alumni. Most notably, Argo is the hometown of playwright August Wilson. While he was born in Pittsburgh, he moved back with his family at age 10 and spent most of his early life in Argo. Some of the local attractions of Argo include the Argo Community Club and the Argo General Store.


If you are looking for a small town with plenty to keep you busy, or if you believe in UFOs or Bigfoot, then it is worth your time to stop by Argo.

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