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Virginia Samford Theatre

The Virginia Samford Theatre, located in Birmingham, Alabama, is a professional theatre company that has been in continuous operation since 1923.

History of Virginia Samford Theatre

The Virginia Samford Theater was founded in 1923 by the Civic Club of Birmingham, Alabama. The Club created the theater with the goal to create an educational and pleasurable use for all citizens in surrounding areas. The first performance on the stage of the theater was “The First Crocus”. The performance was directed by Frank O. Behrens who was also the first president of the company. The first few years consisted mainly on educational performances, which included training young actors and actresses.

Goals of Virginia Samford Theater

Since the theatre’s conception in 1923, it has had many artistic goals. Some of these goals include:

· To provide community entertainment through live theatrical performance

· To explore the art of theatre to its fullest extent

· To make an art form accessible to audiences, actors, and artists alike

The Virginia Samford Theater has also taken on a more local goal in recent years, which is to promote the quality and growth of Birmingham Theatre.

Virginia Samford Theater Today

The Virginia Samford Theater operates out of a facility that is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The theatre offers various performances including dramas, comedies, classics and musicals. Some notable shows performed at this theater include; “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “Born Yesterday” and “The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Production of A Christmas Carol”.

The Virginia Samford Theater has grown to be the oldest producing professional theater in Alabama. The company is well known for giving new actors, directors, designers and technicians an outlet in order to further their talents and careers. The Virginia Samford Theater is also noted for its outreach programs that provide training, exposure and recognition for Birmingham City School students in the art of theatre.

Virginia Samford Theater Tickets

Tickets to upcoming shows are available through the Virginia Samford Theater website. For more information on how to purchase your tickets, please visit their website below.

Virginia Samford Theater Reviews

The Virginia Samford Theater features tons of great reviews, including one from Debbie, who noted that it was a great place to see a play. “This is one of the most beautiful theaters in Birmingham! I’ve seen several shows there and they are all very professional. Everyone knows what they’re doing and you can tell they love it!”

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