Southern Museum of Flight

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Southern Museum of Flight

Birmingham is home to a lot of recreational facilities. There is never a shortage of activities to do on your own or with your group, there are also a good number of places to visit for fun and learning at the same time and one of such places is the Southern Flight Museum.


About the Southern Flight Museum


The southern museum of flight has been open for 53 years now, it was founded by Mary Alice Beatty in 1966. The museum is the right place for you to visit when you want to know about the history of aviation in Alabama. It is one of the largest flight museums in the entire Southeast. It has a collection of aircrafts for you to view with a collection of biographies that tell you the story of the history of the flight in Alabama. There are engines, photographs, paintings, models, etc that all come together to tell a beautiful story. Most fascinating about the museum is probably the hall of fame that tells the biography of Alabama aviation history on plaques.


There are a number of notable aircrafts on display, they include Alexander Eaglerock, Wright Flyer, F-4 Phantom, B-25, sports fury. Some of these aircrafts are just in parts as the aircrafts had crashed. The recovered parts are put on display in the museum. The museum is usually open from Tuesdays- Saturdays from 9 am – 4pm.


The cost for visiting the museum varies. It is free for military personnel and their families, it is also free for children under the age of 3. Senior citizens and students are required to pay $6. Families can register for membership of the museum at $65 annually.


Visitors say the museum is family-friendly and a great place to visit with children. They have friendly staff who are willing to help with information. The best part of a visit to the museum is when you get into the simulator where you get to control the stimulator as though in a real flight. The videos on display are very informative and all add up to make a visit to the museum great.




The Southern Museum of Flight is located on 73rd Street North of Alabama, US. The museum sits on 75000 square feet of land.

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