Ruffner Mountain

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Ruffner Mountain

Nature is God’s gift to man. Ruffner Mountain is one of such gifts of God to men. It is a nature preserve spot that is located at the heart of Birmingham. The preserve serves as home to different species of plants, animals, and even historical sites. It is a perfect getaway from all the hustle and bustle that make up our daily lives. It provides a refreshing atmosphere for you and your group to enjoy, and learn at the same time.


Where is the mountain location?


Ruffner Mountain is located in Jefferson county, Birmingham Alabama. The nature preserve spans over 1038 acres of land that was once a site for iron ore mining. In 1977 mining the area was turned into a nature preserve after the mine was stopped in 1953. 


Ruffner Mountain‘s Nature center


The Nature Center located at Ruffer Mountain has a wide collection of native Alabama species. The collection includes snakes, fish, turtles, and other indigenous animal species. The Nature Center is open to visitors to come in and see the various animals displayed. The Nature Center also has an animal care department where animals in need of care are looked after. The center is only able to cater for 25-30 animals at a time. They also administer minor vet care to animals in need of it. They however do not accept wild animals that are dropped off at their doorsteps, this is regardless of the fact that they have two Rehabilitation Centers for wild animals. The Nature Center is however closed for the remaining part of 2021 to enable the management to do some organizational planning.


Aside from the Nature Center and Rehabilitation Centers, the preserve also has hiking trails of about 14 miles. The hiking trails are old mining roads. It also has a treetop visitor center and an educational pavilion where visitors get to learn about the various species found in the resort and also about the history of Ruffner Mountain.


Funding and Membership 

Ruffner Mountain is not owned by the public, they also do not receive government funds for its operations. It is nonprofit and relies on funding from members, and other internally generated funds.


Members are given a parking permit which allows them to park for free, nonmembers are however expected to pay a token of $15 for parking their vehicles. The preserve is deemed full once the parking space is filled up. 

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