Red Mountain Park

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Red Mountain Park

Unlike what the name implies, red mountain park is a green park of over 1500 acres of land in Alabama. The site on which the park is located is monumental to the history of Birmingham. It was a site for mining activities. Red mountain park represents hope for a better tomorrow for the citizens of Birmingham.


About the Red Mountain Park


Red Mountain Park is located at 2the 011 Frankfurt District, Alabama, USA. The park, unlike most other parks in the city, is not owned by the public so it doesn’t receive any funds from the government. It is sponsored by donations from various groups and individuals. Membership registration is encouraged. Members are encouraged to leave lasting legacies by donating benches, picnic tables, and other needed facilities to the park. The Red Mountain Park records visits from over 10,000 visitors monthly.

The time for opening and closing at the park is generally dependent on seasons.


Attractions at the Red Mountain Park


At the Red Mountain Park, several activities can be enjoyed which includes:


– The three treehouses where you can unwind and have personal moments,

– 15 miles of hiking trail where you get to try overcoming the challenge of new hike trails, walkthrough and uncover the sites where mining activities took place long before the park was commissioned,

– Remy’s dog park, the largest dog park in the entire Alabama located right in the Red Mountain Park,

– Adventure trips and challenges help strengthen team spirit and other valuable lessons. An example is the Aerial Adventure Tour, (although this program has been halted due to COVID 19). The Adventure includes a climbing tower, a three top obstacle, etc

– A special trial for people with developmental differences

– Special trail maps that will help you stay on course. This can be easily downloaded on your phone.


Most locals and visitors enjoy time out at the park because of the various activities they can engage in while at the park. Red Mountain Park is family-friendly, You can enjoy a peaceful hike on the well-marked trail, the shed from the trees provides sufficient protection from the sun. The park also boasts of good and well-maintained amenities that add up to make your experience a great one.

The park is open daily from 7 am-6 pm to all. And it’s a spot in Birmingham, AL that you and your loved ones must visit! Let’s know how you find this place…

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