Railroad Park Foundation

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Railroad Park Foundation

The Railroad Park Foundation is situated in Birmingham, Alabama. The park celebrates the culture and heritage of the great city of Birmingham. The foundation organizes programs that are geared towards maintaining and promoting the culture of Birmingham and promoting the wellbeing of the residents. With records of thousands of visitors yearly who come to enjoy the various programs organized by the foundation or for personal recreation at the park. Let’s dig in!




The Railroad Park foundation is located on Birmingham 1st avenue. It connects the downtown of Birmingham and the south side of the town. The park sits on a 19 acre land that stretches from the 14th to the 18th street. The park is located in the city center.


About the Railroad Park


The historic park is popularly known as Birmingham’s living room. It provides an avenue for residents and visitors to hold recreational activities, celebrate events, organize concerts and other functions. The Railroad Park was opened in 2010. It is a public park that is owned by the community and managed by the Railroad Park foundation, a non profit organization. The foundation funds itself through programs planned and events carried out in the park, funds gotten are used to maintain and improve the park.


Railroad Park Foundation seeks to foster the spirit of culture, unity and socializing within members of the community, and even visitors through activities carried out in the park. The Railroad Park Foundation focuses on three goals in achieving its mission; Economic development, Family and Community development, Health and Wellness awareness. All programs organized are geared towards achieving these goals. 


These programs inspire cultural pride, civic responsibility, and economic awareness. Some of the programs organized by the foundation include:


– Economic development: the foundation organized fundraising programs in 2019 that generated $ 20,000. They also organized programs that supported local small local businesses that are just starting up, etc

– Family and community development: events that bring the family together are organized yearly by the foundation. They organize concerts, reunions, birthday parties, weddings, etc. revenues that the foundation generates from these events are used to maintain the park and fund park amenities. Community programs are usually free at the park.

– Health and wellness awareness: The foundation organizes free exercise classes for residents, they promoted and hosted the return of a healthy lifestyle program where healthy cooking classes are held. They also have a health fitness program that is tailored towards meeting the needs of senior citizens

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