Birmingham Children’s Theatre

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Birmingham Children's Theatre

Childhood is a time for fun and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. These memories can be made in various ways, events, family visits, games, and even Drama! Birmingham Children’s Theatre provides an avenue for children to create such beautiful memories through acts.


About Birmingham Children’s Theatre


The children’s Theatre has been around since 1947 and caters to the stage needs of kids in Birmingham.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre (BCT) seeks to educate, entertain, and impact the lives of children in Birmingham by providing a space for them to learn professional acts. The theatre is held at the Jefferson convention hall.


Yearly, the theatre stages 8 professional plays where children act professionally. The plays are targeted towards a young audience. Birmingham Children’s Theater plays are usually both on-site and also on a road trip through the theatre in motion.

The theatre records about 160,000 students who come to watch the plays annually.


Activities at the Birmingham Children’s Theatre


The Birmingham Children’s Theatre is a great blessing to the residents of Birmingham. Not only do they get premium kid-friendly entertainment, but children also get the opportunity to learn on-stage performances that can serve as a stepping stone to the achievement of Broadway dreams for some of these young actors.

The plays and other activities that take place in the Theatre are something the children are always excited about and keep their fingers crossed in anticipation.

The Birmingham Children’s Theatre organized workshops, presentations, etc that are geared towards teaching young children about theatre. They invite guest artists to perform at some of their programs.


Their programs are family-friendly and all members of the family will have a great time watching the performance staged by the kids.

Year-round, people from all over Alabama look forward to the great performance of the Birmingham Children’s Theatre and all other programs organized.


To gain access to the Birmingham Children’s Theatre for a show, adults are expected to pay  $11-$13, children are to pay $9-$11. It is free for babies below 18 months.


Location of The Birmingham children’s theatre


The Birmingham children’s theatre is located at No.2130, Richard Arrington Jr boulevard, Alabama

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