Birmingham Botanical Gardens

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Birmingham Botanical Gardens

A rule of thumb in an adventure is to get to the best of places while seeking out a sense of history and belonging. Birmingham Botanical Gardens located in Alabama, a South-Eastern city of the United States offer the welcoming and homely effect that attracts any tourist to its lure. 


About Birmingham Botanical Gardens


Birmingham is an ancient city that thrives on family and love. Its Love for nature and adventure brought about the invention of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in 1829. The Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society have faithfully managed the Gardens ever since. 


The Birmingham Botanical is one of its greatest tourist attraction sights with 4 glasshouses that have garnered plant life from all geographical zones. The tourists get to experience parts of the Amazons and share the wonders of the subtropical to arid regions. This gives a total feel of having traveled the whole world at once. It is exhilarating, as it gives the entire family a day to remember.


The thick shrubbery landscaping of the glasshouses altogether give the scenery a beautiful appearance, one that’s inviting and regal. It spans about 15 acres of land and is also the perfect setting for loads of events that occur in Birmingham City, including Jurassic Encounters and Gardeners world.


The Gardens are open throughout the day, and offer free admission and parking to everyone who is in love with nature. The Gardens house the largest treasures of plant life in Alabama, and hold more than 30 original sculptures along its beautiful walk path.


The Gardens offer complete experience with the added benefit of having the largest public horticulture library in the United States, two Rose Gardens, conservatories, Japanese Gardens with a traditional Japanese tea house, and a wildflower garden. The members of the Botanical and Horticultural Society have loads of information on these plants and would gladly serve as guides through the Garden experience.


Fun Facts about Birmingham Gardens


– The garden operates every day, throughout the year from sunrise to sunset, and has over 350,000 guests annually.

– Hosts summer programs for children as well as discovery field trips and teacher training on plant life, which are all Curriculum-based and have the State’s approval 

– The Gardens partner with Plant Societies, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Federated Garden Clubs,and Alabama Cooperative Extension System 

– Has over 3000 plant taxa, as well as a Herbarium and Libraries


Overall, the City’s Botanical Gardens do not just serve as a fun activity on a tourist’s list, but are the heart of Alabama’s history and give every visitor a new experience of plant life and its value in our world.

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