Avondale Brewing Company

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Avondale Brewing Company

Birmingham City has a good number of landmarks that all add up to tell the tale of the city’s rich history. The city has several mining sites that were later abandoned. Out of the abandoned sites, historic landmarks stand today, all with their own stories to tell.

About Avondale Brewing Company

The company is owned by Coby and Hunter Lake, two men who are interested in creating great blends handcrafted from local products, and the history of Avondale, Birmingham 

Avondale brewery is one of such sites that tell the story of Avondale, Birmingham. The brewery tells the historic stories in a way that is quite different from the way it is told by other landmarks. Each of the beers brewed at Avondale Brewing Company is crafted out of local products and named after heroes of Avondale folklore! What a way to tell these historic stories. The names of these beers give them character, and most times push patrons to dig in and find out the stories of the great characters behind the name.

Avondale brewery opens its doors to all to come to share a beer directly from the brewery. The live music that is always in the background usually gives the brewery a relaxing atmosphere. You might even get lucky to catch a live concert happening at the brewery. Most residents say they enjoy a casual night out with friends at the brewery because of the excellent beer, atmosphere, and great customer service. 

The taproom is open for you to have a look at the process of brewing some of your favorite brands and for sampling. The brewery also has a bar where residents love to sit and enjoy a football match over beer. You are sure to find a brew that suits your taste among the beer menu at the brewery.

Avondale Brewing Company is looking forward to adding a restaurant to the brewery where patrons get to eat good food to go with the beer and the good music.

The brewery is open from noon all week long except for Sundays when it is opened by 1 pm. Closing is between 10 pm and 12 am, depending on the day of the week.


The brewery is located in a famous building that has been around for ages, serving various business purposes. Avondale brewery is rumored to have an in-house ghost Meredith,h… The building is on 41st,  St South Birmingham

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