Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

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Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

Alabama is famous for its history and the various museums that are built to honor this history and give a feel to these stories. 

Building museums is a great way to preserve artifacts, stories, and all other things relating to history. It offers a chance for generations to come to see, touch, and be a part of the stories that otherwise would be just mere tales.

When it comes to sports, a lot of fans attach so many emotions and sentiments. The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame offers these sports fans an opportunity to see and better understand the stories behind iconic events, objects, and even people of their favorite sports. Today let’s talk about this famous sports hall.

History of the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is one of the great museums in Alabama. It is home to a huge collection of historic sports pieces. Opened in 1992, the hall of fame is one of the largest sports halls of fame. The Museum has a collection of mementos from inductees dating back to 1969. The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame seeks to honor these inductees who through their participation in sports brought honor to the city of Alabama.

Things to do at the Sports Hall of Fame

The museum is open Mondays to Fridays 9 am-5 pm at a cost for visitors over the age of 6. There is a family rate of $14, and there is provision for school Tours. The museum can also be booked for private events.

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is located in uptown Birmingham, close to the Jefferson Complex.

Annually, a banquet is organized where new members are inducted into the hall of fame. Currently, there are 377 inductees. The inductees are selected from different sports. The inductees are selected through ballot 

You can rent the museum for your events. The museum can accommodate between 64-300 guests depending on the type of event you are planning to have. You will have to book a reservation ahead of your event. There are, however, some terms and conditions you will have to adhere to to be able to host your event at the museum.

The Hall of Fame is a great place to visit for all sports lovers and those who are interested in knowing about the history and accomplishments of great men in Alabama.  

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