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Central City, AL, is a neighborhood in Birmingham, AL, located in the zip code 35215. It is made up of a population 344 people, one dog, two cats, and an infestation of horrible little bugs that are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. These are just some facts you need to know about Central City, AL.

Central City has been named by several publications as having one of the lowest concentrations of quality of life, which is probably why it has been ranked by several news outlets as having one of the lowest quality of living in all of Alabama.

It’s not that bad, though.

At least Central City, AL does have one redeeming factor: it contains four churches. That means there are at least four opportunities for you to find the right level of community, fellowship, and sense of purpose (depending on which church you go to), even if nobody there seems to like doing any of those things.

Did we mention there’s a Walmart in Central City, AL?

No? Well, there is. It’s right beside the Starbucks and it has a McDonald’s next to it —that means you’re less than five minutes away from any food you want while you’re walking around Central City (of course, due to the quality of life here, we don’t recommend spending any time walking around Central City).

The only other thing to mention about Central City, AL is that if you’re driving through for coffee and a McMuffin at the crack of dawn and happen to hit a pothole or run over an old can, do us all a favor: take care of it yourself.

Don’t take this article too seriously! These are just some of the things people say and doesn’t necessarily accurately reflect the truth about the neighborhood as it exists today.

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