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Bridlewood, AL, is a neighborhood in Birmingham, AL, that has barely changed in the past century. Home to many blue-collar families, Bridlewood’s history is in its name. The hills in the area are covered with redbud trees, thus making the land resemble a bridle when seen from above. Because of this, it was named Bridlewood in 1910 by early residents who were horse riders.

Bridlewood is located in the northern part of Birmingham, AL, and houses around 3,000 people. The neighborhood was built to accommodate the workers coming over from the coal mines that were operating at that time. It has been said that there is a “sense of homecoming” when one returns to Bridlewood after being gone for some time.

Bridlewood’s historical significance can be seen through its architecture, which has not changed much since the beginning of the 20th century. The neighborhood has Victorian-style homes that are well preserved and strongly built, made with red brick and low balconies.

The children in Bridlewood attend school at Capitol Heights Elementary, then Mountain Brook Jr. High, and finally Huffman High School.

Bridlewood is still working-class, with mostly middle-aged families inhabiting the area. The neighborhood is known for its community spirit because of all the events held throughout the year to bring residents together, including parties for Halloween and Christmas, picnics in Mt. Olive Park, and caroling in the streets.

Bridlewood is safe and quiet during the day, but lively at night with children riding their bikes up and down the street, and neighbors visiting one another’s houses.

The upkeep of homes in Bridlewood is a priority for residents who want to preserve its history as well as ensure that their own get the best possible care. A new house is currently being built on the site of one of the first homes in Bridlewood, and many renovations can be seen on almost every street.

Bridlewood has a strong sense of community and tradition and continues to maintain its popularity and history as one of Birmingham’s most cherished neighborhoods.

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