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Exterior Detailing in Birmingham

Our exterior car detailing services include an extensive exterior clean and wash with the following steps, depending on what package you choose and what you request. Please include any specific requests in your call with us or the form you can submit to the right.

Birmingham car detailing services are by appointment only to ensure maximum convenience for our customers. Please call in advance to secure an appointment at the most convenient time for you.

  • Thorough hand washing of the whole vehicle
  • Intensive cleaning of tires, wheels, and wheel wells
  • Removal of brake and rail dust, tar, and bugs with clay treatment
  • Extensive cleaning of all door jams and inside fuel door
  • Cleaning of all windows–interior & exterior–and mirrors
  • Treating of all tires with premium exterior dressing
  • Application of high quality durable carnauba wax
  • Cleaning & polishing of all chrome bumpers, wheels, and exhaust tips


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1. Hand Washing

Hand washing is greatly preferred over automatic car washing for several reasons. First, most automatic car washing locations use cheap equipment to stock their machines, and over weeks of washing several cars per day, that equipment gets worn.

Brushes accumulate dirt and mud particles from previous washes and scrubbers get rough and scratchy. This means that instead of cleanly removing the dirt and particles from your car’s surface, many of these tools are in effect grinding them into your car like sandpaper. 

Coupled with the typically cheap cleaning products many of them use, minor damage can occur and accrue over time, causing long-term harm of your vehicle’s appearance. This is why we recommend a gentle, but thorough, hand washing that ensures the grit and dirt is washed off your vehicle, not pushed into it

2. Intensive Cleaning of Tires, Wheels, and Wheel Wells

It makes sense that wheels, tires, and wheel well cleaning services are some of the most commonly mentioned detailing steps. You don’t need a sporty car to get attention, you just need sporty–or eye catching–wheels. Something about a freshly detailed set of wheels catches the eye and perfectly completes the look of a glossy washed car.

Here’s the rule of thumb for keeping these things looking great. The longer you go without cleaning them the harder it’ll be to bring them back to life. It can be done, it just takes more elbow grease and time.

The good news is once you get them back in shape, keeping them that way will be easily fit into your detailing routine. Although they’ll get dirtier faster than the rest of the car. Because, well, they’re on the ground…

Joking aside, keeping your tires, wheels, and wheel wells clean is important because if left alone, they will become permanently scarred by the build-up of corrosive substances like brake dust, rail dust, tar, and so on. This is a shame because it’s very avoidable. Treating tires, wheels, and wheel wells involves thorough cleaning, treating, and dressing.

3. Removal of Brake & Rail Dust, Bugs, and Tar

Similarly to #2 above, tar and dust can accumulate in other places of your car, and while we wash and detail your wheels and wheel wells, we will inspect and clean off any tar, bugs, or dust elsewhere on your vehicle.

4. Extensive Cleaning of all Door Jams and Inside Fuel Cap Door

As part of our exterior auto detailing, we hand wash every handle, door jam, every mirror, inside the fuel cap door, door seals, and so on. 

5. Cleaning of all windows and Mirrors

All windows, window seals, and mirrors will be carefully hand washed. Keeping your windows clean is important for safe driving, in the case of your windshield and rear window it will improve window wipers longevity.

6. Treating of All Tires with Premium Exterior Dressing

Along with Step #2, cleaning all tires, wheels, and wheel wells, we will dress all tires with premium quality dressing for longevity and a quality gloss.

7. Application of High Quality Durable Carnauba Wax

There are really two main components of a great car wash or auto detailing service. The first is the washing and the second is the wax. When you wax a car, you apply a thin coat, give it time to harden a tiny bit, and then you buff it off with a towel or electric polisher/buffer. You can’t see it, but while it may appear that you’ve buffed all the wax off, there’s actually still a very thin leftover layer that benefits your car in many ways.

Aside from giving your car a high gloss finish that makes it look beautiful on the road, it reduces water spots from forming and protects your car from sun damage. Here in Birmingham, it can rain quite frequently. Mud can splash up against the car as you drive after a rain, as well as those water spots forming like we just mentioned. With a good periodic wax, your car will last better between details.

8. Cleaning & Polishing of all Chrome, Wheels, & Exhaust tips

All chrome will be cleaned and polished, including chrome bumpers, wheels, and exhaust tips. All car badges will be carefully cleaned with small brushes and then polished to a shine before being protected with a sealant or coat of wax

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