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Car Detailing Myths & Facts You Should Know

Posted by Patrick Smith, Birmingham Alabama Car Detail

Myth #1: Why should I go a car detailing when I can easily go to the automatic car wash or gas station car wash for less than $10 and do it myself?

Fact: You could do that, but before you do, it’s important to be aware that while you may not see it at first, those car washes frequently cause scratches, scuffs, and surface damage to your car’s exterior, potentially even damaging the paint.

A quality car wash from us is not only very convenient and hands-free, it is also the best way to avoid scratches and scuffs from worn out one-size-fits-all equipment. In addition to the non-damaging hand washing you can count on from us, you can also get polishing, waxing, and even interior detailing to along with it.

If you absolutely must go to an automated car wash, go to a touch-free wash. While it is less effective than a hand wash, it’s also less likely to cause any exterior damage.

Myth #2: Isn’t car detailing the same thing as car washing?

There are actually some huge differences between car detailing and car washing. First of all, car detailing goes farther than ensuring your car is basically clean like a car wash does. Detailing ensures your car is very clean, but also very protected. The word “Detailing” is very accurate, as the work itself is very, very detail oriented, precise, and thorough.

Detailing can involve intensive cleaning and conditioning of all surfaces, nooks, crannies, crevices. Furthermore compartments inside your vehicle as well as the exterior of your vehicle. From the big points of waxing and polishing, to the more minute points of gently cleaning and protecting your car’s badge. Moreover to cleaning and polishing the exhaust tips. A well comprehensive car looks like someone thought of all the details and then meticulously cared for each one.

 Myth #3: My car smells horrible, but if I put two new air fresheners in it every two weeks it’s bearable. 

OK, wait, let’s hold off on adding any more air fresheners! The fact is that air fresheners only mask the smell, which must have an origin somewhere in your car. Since it’s very difficult to determine where or what the source of and odor can be, if your car has a lingering smell, we’ll follow a full interior cleaning with treatment by an ozone machine. The ozone machine will dissolve any odor-causing particles in your car’s system, kill bacteria. Also generally very effective at restoring a fresh, clean scent.

 Myth #4: Once carpet or a seat gets stained, my only option is to replace it

Definitely not true at all! The vast majority of stains can be removed with the right combination of cleaners and tools. Sometimes this process can take a while, but it’s nearly always possible to remove a stain and avoid seat replacement.

 Myth #5: Can’t you over-wax your car and cause wax build up?

Fact: Not at all. As long as you use proper waxing procedures that professionals employ and avoid using scouring agents or chemical cleaners. By regular waxing will only benefit your car’s appearance. Wax build up only occurs when you do it wrong, and a professional waxing application should never ever result in excess wax at the seams or crevices of your vehicle.

 Myth #6: My car is right out of the factory new! I don’t need car waxing, thank you

Fact: On the contrary, now that you’ve made the investment into your new car (congratulations by the way). You all want to get it detailed and waxed as soon as possible. Here’s why: Your car rolls out of the dealership with just a thin layer of un-pigmented coating that was applied to it in the factory. This only nominally protects the paint, and it’s not that durable. If you’d like to keep that new car look as inexpensively and for as long as possible, you’ll want to get your car’s exterior detailed and waxed–or even ceramic coating–to ensure it stays in perfect condition. Without some form of additional protection, your car can experience sun damage. Beside of those, scratching, marring, scuffs, and so on which are more difficult to correct when they go straight into the inner-paint surface.

 The Takeaway:

For most of us, our car is the largest investment we make after our homes. After spending hours researching, thinking about, and selecting that beautiful new or used car, not to mention the thousands of dollars you invested into it, the last thing you want is to have it look twice as old as it should in just a year or two.

The minor investment of having it periodically detailed.  Also protected by professionals will enhance your enjoyment of it so much and prolong its like-new exterior finish. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until it is worn and has experienced damage before bringing it in. It’s far easier to prevent and maintain than it is to repair and re-finish!

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We operate on by appointment only to ensure the timely servicing of each of our customers’ vehicles and to ensure we have for each one to be serviced at the highest quality possible

We operate on by appointment only to ensure the timely servicing of each of our customers’ vehicles and to ensure we have for each one to be serviced at the highest quality possible

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